Shaheen Afridi, Pakistani Fast Bowler

Shaheen Afridi is a left-arm pacer for Pakistan in cricket. He is from Landi Kotal, a small town in Pakistan’s northwestern area. Shaheen is the youngest of seven brothers. Afridi Has wanted to be a cricket player ever since Shaheen Afridi saw his oldest brother, Riaz Afridi, play in domestic matches and one international test match. Shaheen is called the “Pakistani Mitchell Starc” by the foreign media. He looks like the Australian fast bowler.

Shaheen Afridi

The 17-year-old Pakistani cricket player hits hard and is also good on the field, making him an all-rounder. Shaheen’s first international cricket game was with the Pakistani “Under-19” team in the 2016 “Asia Cup,” where he played very well. Later, he was picked to play for the Dhaka Dynamites team in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). He took the most wickets for his team in the 2018 “Under-19 Cricket World Cup,” so the “International Cricket Council” (ICC) called him “the rising star of the squad.” He is a young player with much potential and may join the Pakistani national team in the next few months.

Early years and childhood

On April 6, 2000, Shaheen Afridi was born. He is from the “Zakha Khel Tribe.” Zakha Khel Tribe lives mostly in Pakistan’s “Federally Administered Tribal Area” (FATA), near the border with Afghanistan. Shaheen Afridi grew up in a small town called Landi Kothal with a family from the lower middle class. He is the seventh and last child. Riaz Afridi, the oldest brother, has played cricket for a long time but has never made it big.
Riaz is 15 years older than Shaheen. They used tennis balls and cheap bats when they played together. Shaheen often went with his brother to his games, which is how he got interested in playing cricket. They didn’t have a good cricket field because they didn’t live in the right place. So, Shaheen and the other boys in the neighborhood played anywhere they could.

Shaheen Afridi

Shaheen could have been better in school and spent most of his time playing cricket. At age 14, he told his parents he wanted to be a cricket player. At first, he wasn’t sure how his family would respond. But since his brother was also trying to make a living playing the same sport, his family didn’t say much. Since Shaheen’s older brother worked in the same field, he was already familiar with most of the problems that could come up in the sport.

He chose to move to Peshawar and join a cricket academy to improve his skills to a professional level. There, he was a fast bowler for several clubs. Because of his height and the speed with which he bowled, he got a lot of wickets. It helped him get into a cricket school in Lahore. Even though his brother was usually busy, they talked on the phone a lot, and Shaheen learned a lot from him.
Shaheen also showed how hard he could hit the ball. So, he worked harder to make a name for himself in cricket and become one of the best all-rounders in the world.


Shaheen Afridi’s first experience with professional cricket and the “hardball” was at the “FATA Under-16” trials in 2015, where his brother showed him the real cricket ball. Before that, Shaheen had only played with the tennis ball. He felt he could do anything when Shaheen Afridi got his hands on a professional cricket ball, so he started training hard in the nets.

Afridi finally got his first big break when he was chosen to play for his country’s “Under-16” team on their 2015 tour of Australia. He was a big reason why his team won by 2–1. It was his first time playing on the ground outside of the United States. Even though he wasn’t great, he did well enough to make the national “Under-19” team.
Shaheen joined Pakistan’s team for the 2016 “Under-19 Asia Cup,” which will be held in Sri Lanka. It was in December. In his first game of the event, against Singapore, he got three wickets and only gave up 27 runs. After that, both foreign and local media started paying attention to him. He was immediately praised as Pakistani cricket’s “next big thing.”


The head coach at Lahore’s “National Cricket Academy,” Mushtaq Ahmed, was very pleased by Shaheen’s performance. He sent videos of Shaheen’s bowling to Kumar Sangakkara, a master cricketer from Sri Lanka. Because of this, he was put in the “BPL” as a member of the “Dhaka Dynamites.” So, he was one of the first players to join the “BPL” without ever having played a match in his own country. He signed a two-year deal but couldn’t stay with the “Dhaka Dynamites” for that long because he had other things to do.

He was asked to play first-class cricket again for “Khan Research Laboratories” in the “Quaid-e-Azam Trophy” for 2017-18. On September 26, 2017, he played in his first first-class game. He gave up 39 runs and took eight wickets. The local media loved what he did because it was the best showing by a Pakistani bowler in his first first-class match ever.

Shaheen Afridi

After this amazing game, it was almost certain that Shaheen would be one of the top candidates for a spot on the national “Under-19” team, which would play in the “Under-19 World Cup.” Shaheen said that it had been his dream since he was a child to play for his country’s team.

Shaheen lived up to what the people of Pakistan wanted him to do in the “Under-19 World Cup.” He took 12 wickets during the event, making him Pakistan’s top wicket-taker. The “ICC” called him the “rising star of the squad” because he did well in the competition. Some people also said he reminded them of Shahid Afridi, who had a great start to his international career.

Personal Life

Shaheen Afridi is a big fan of his brother Riaz Afridi, who played for Pakistan in a friendly test match in 2004. Shaheen is said to have said that, even though he thinks Wasim Akram is his “guru,” his brother Riaz has always been there for him and helped him when he needed quick advice.

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