Babar Azam’s English is defended by Wahab Riaz

Wahab Riaz, a famous cricketer and the chief minister of Punjab’s adviser on sports and youth issues, strongly defended captain Babar Azam’s English on Friday by saying, “No captain needs to speak English.”

Riaz said these things in his most recent interview: “We are a complicated country. We always like what other people do. I know that a lot of people speak English, but Urdu is our national language. I don’t think it’s a big deal if Babar or anyone else speaks Urdu.”

He talked about his point of view and said: “I think it’s important to know English, but it’s not a must. You only need to be able to talk well, whether in English or Urdu.”

Shoaib Akhtar, a former Test cricketer, said that Babar needed to work on how he talks.

“Why isn’t Babar Azam Pakistan’s most popular brand? He can’t speak english.” He said on TV.

“Cricket and media relations.”

¬†Sorry, but if you can’t talk, you won’t be able to say anything on TV, “he added.

When speaking to the media, the Pakistani captain has often been criticized for how he talks. At the same time, his job as captain is under more scrutiny.

Babar is the best batter in ODIs right now. He is ranked fourth in the world for T20Is and five for Tests.

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