Last Match Referee Aleem Dar Receives “Guard of Honour”

Friday was Dar’s last match as an ICC Elite Panel umpire.

Aleem Dar, a well-known Pakistani umpire, got a guard of honor on Friday during the match between Bangladesh and Ireland. Which was also his last match as an ICC Elite Panel umpire. This was a tribute to his long career as an ICC Elite Panel umpire.

During Dar’s last match as an umpire. Bangladesh chased down a target of 138 runs and won the game by seven wickets on the last day.

In a press release on March 16, the ICC said that Dar had left the elite panel after 19 years.

He debuted on the world stage in 2000 and rose rapidly through the rankings. Players and fans praised him for making good decisions during games, the ICC said.

In 2004, Dar became a member of the ICC’s Elite Panel of Umpires. This was another step in his rise. He was the first person from Pakistan on the Elite Panel.

Dar was a referee for a total of 438 international games during his long career.

Geoff Allardice, the CEO of the ICC, praised Dar’s work by saying: “Aleem has made a huge difference in both international cricket and the ICC. His consistently great play over such a long time earned him a lot of respect from everyone in international cricket. I hope Aleem has a great future, and I’m sure he’ll keep playing the game for many years to come.”

Dar also talked about his career as an umpire. Between 2009 and 2011, he was chosen as the ICC Umpire of the Year for three years in a row.

I’ve been gone for quite some time, but I’ve enjoyed every second of it. I’ve had the pleasure and honor of being an umpire all over the world, and what I’ve done is something I didn’t even think was possible when I first got into the business, Dar said.

After 19 years on the road, I decided it was time to let someone else from the International panel try their hand at the Elite panel, even though I still aspire to be an international umpire. All umpires, he said, should put in long hours, maintain a strict schedule, and keep their minds open to new information.

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