Shadab Khan Explains Pakistan’s loss in Series And Absence Of  Star Duo

Pakistan’s stand-in captain Shadab Khan thinks that his team’s series loss to Afghanistan will have a lot of good things come out of it. He also thinks that Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan’s consistent efforts will be even more appreciated. When they return to the national team.

Babar and Rizwan were taken off the field for the three-game series against Afghanistan in Sharjah. In their place, a number of players with less experience and fewer qualifications were given the chance to shine.

The first two games of the series didn’t go as planned. But Afghanistan beat Pakistan by seven wickets on Sunday to win the series for the first time against their Asian rival.

Shadab believes that a lot of people take the performances of the seasoned duo for granted. Since they are so reliable at this point in their careers. The normal solidity that Babar and Rizwan provide at the start of Pakistan’s innings has been absent in the first two games against Afghanistan.

“Whether Babar and Rizwan are performing or not, people still say negative things about them. Strike rate is always a sword that hangs over them. As a country, we wanted more young people to play international cricket. Because they were doing well in the PSL (Pakistan Super League). We thought they would have a better strike rate “Shadab said.

“But our country will eventually realize that experience is valuable. Our ancestors were not given the respect they deserved for their past achievements. As a result, following the conclusion of this series, the media as well as the rest of the country will appreciate them far more.”

On Sunday’s match, Pakistan lost three wickets in the first four overs. And never recovered, finishing with a meager 130/6 in their allotted 20.

Afghanistan reached that victory goal with just one delivery left. Leaving Shadab to think about what might have happened if his team had been able to score a little more.

“When you lose three wickets during the powerplay, you lose 70% of your games…

the young players were scared, “Shadab said.

Even though they have never competed for Pakistan in the past, we have no choice but to back them.

“We wanted to see if there were any talented young players in this series, and we have to back them in the future.”

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