Sikander Bakht Raises Question About  Captaincy Abilities of Babar Azam

Former Test cricketer claims Babar lacks the leadership qualities of a natural leader.

Babar Azam was criticised by former Pakistani Test cricketer Sikander Bakht for not being a “natural leader” shortly after there were rumours that his position as captain of the national team was in jeopardy.

Bakht claimed in a recent interview posted on a YouTube channel that Babar lacked the qualities of a natural leader.

“Babar must discover more about captaincy,” he said. There are a lot of people that are naturally born leaders. Babar wasn’t bred to be a leader.”

Bakht emphasised that Babar failed to use Agha Salman and Iftikhar Ahmed with the ball during the most recent Test series as evidence of his captaincy failings.

“Let me give you a current illustration. Off-spinner Agha Salman was only given two to three overs in one Test by Babar, while in another game, he was allowed to bowl entire overs. Moreover, he did not use Iftikhar “He remembered.

Out of the nine Test matches Pakistan played in 2022, Babar served as captain, and Pakistan lost five, won one, and drew three.
Also, Bakht questioned Babar’s ability to lead while making decisions based on the circumstances.

“I believe Babar uses scripted captaincy so frequently. He writes the strategy down and places it on the ground. It does not function at all. Cricket is a situational game. Being a captain requires you to be intelligent enough to respond to many situations; if not, you are a bad captain “He expressed his ideas.

I’ll let you in on a little secret about our captain: Mushtaq Ahmed. He used to import Wasim Raja, one of the outstanding all-rounders of his day, to provide a breakthrough. Wasim was used by Mushtaq so frequently, that before lunch, he gave the team a breakthrough “He spoke about.

“Babar is a 50% captain and he needs to learn in the other 50%,” he said in his conclusion.

Pakistan has competed in 60 international games under Babar between 2019 and 2022. They had a 40–21 win–loss ratio. Babar also guided the Pakistan team to the semi-final of ICC T20 World Cup 2021, final of ICC T20 World Cup 2022 and the Asia Cup 2022.

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